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NAIDOC Week 2022: The Importance of Learning

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NAIDOC Week recognises the history, cultures and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is an opportunity to learn about First Nations history and cultures, while actively moving towards equity and justice for First Nations people.

The 2022 theme ‘Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!’ emphasises speaking up about discrimination of First Nations people and truly taking action to eliminate that discrimination.

Individuals may feel they can’t make any real change or, if they are not of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin, it isn’t their place to do so as that may be disrespectful. Certainly, we need to make sure we preference First Nations voices and not be part of conversations off-limits to non-Aboriginal and non-Torres Strait Islander people. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a part to play in the journey towards equity, though. Businesses can certainly make a difference as a number of individuals banded together.

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It all starts with learning

It all starts with, as NAIDOC Week promotes, learning. You can read through reputable websites, such as Share our Pride and Common Ground. You can learn inclusive language and whose Country you are on.

Then you can take your learning further with First Nations cultural awareness training.

If you’re an eLearning business like Easy Train Now, it’s important to note that training for awareness of First Nations cultures needs to come from First Nations people.

Easy Train offers diversity and inclusion training that addresses the inclusion of different cultures, however, this does not include specific training that needs to come from First Nations people. Diversity and inclusion training is still a valuable resource, though.

With any Australian eLearning courses, an Acknowledgement of Country can be included at the start of the course as well. In addition to showing respect towards Traditional Owners and the continuing connection between First Nations people and Country, this raises learners’ awareness.

Learning increases our understanding of the discrimination faced by First Nations people and what needs to be done to eliminate that discrimination.

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Where to next

There are further steps you can take to be an ally to First Nations people, as there are for businesses to become more inclusive. Here are some you can take:

  • Attend community events, such as those hosted for NAIDOC Week
  • Read books, listen to music, and watch TV shows and movies created by First Nations people
  • Purchase products made and owned by First Nations people; similarly, work with businesses run by First Nations people
  • Speak up when you witness discriminatory behaviour
  • Donate to First Nations charities
  • As a business, develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) if appropriate

First Nations cultures are the oldest, continuous living cultures on Earth and deserve to be celebrated. We can all make a difference. It starts with learning, and it ends with justice.