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workplace online learning & LMS solutions

workplace online learning and LMS Solutions

At Easy Train Now- we solve problems with education! 

We provide a variety of workplace online learning and LMS solutions. Whether this be unclear policies and procedures, internal inefficiencies caused by a lack of knowledge, or simply because you would like to improve your induction delivery, our team of passionate educators at Easy Train Now are here to help. 

The services we offer businesses include:

LMS Solutions

content conversion

off-the-shelf elearning

elearning creation & customised elearning

workplace online learning and LMS Solutions

LMS Solutions

We have various options available for a Learning Management System (LMS). As a business you can decide whether you want:

  • To host and manage your own branded LMS
  • Have a branded LMS- but would prefer to outsource the hosting, management and maintenance
  • Utilise ETN’s existing LMS as the cost and maintenance requirements exceed the online learning needs

All of the above have their own pros and cons- and each have the potential to service the needs of your business. 

book a free consultation with one of our team members for some free advice on which option best suits your needs.

whatever your industry, etn have an option that will suit your needs and more importantly your budget

workplace online learning and LMS Solutions

Content Conversion

We are experts in converting paper-based policies, procedures or training into interactive learning objects. We determine what your overall goal is so we can work toward achieving some tangible results!

workplace online learning and LMS Solutions

elearning creation & customised elearning

The ETN Team are talented in the area of content creation. Provide us the learning objectives, or the outcome you would like to achieve and let us work our magic!

workplace online learning and LMS Solutions

off-the-shelf professional development

We also have a range of professional development courses which can be customised to your organisation. This includes branding and the addition of your organisational procedures. Check out our catalogue for a list of the courses we can easily customise.

the process

We understand it can be daunting to begin any new project- but we know how to make it easy for you:


Confirm quote based on requirements


Define the objectives & determine the structure


Review and request changes 


Approve & place onto LMS

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