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let us take care of your workplace online learning

let us do what we’re good at so you can get back to what you’re good at


ETN offers a range of workplace online learning solutions. We understand you may not have a need for one topic- and may not have the budget or population to justify setting up a branded LMS. This does not mean your staff should miss out!

Our pay-by-user model provides access to over 30 professional development courses which are:

based on australian legislation

All content is developed by Australian Educators, referring to Australian Legislation and credible sources. Content creators are Qualified Australian Teachers and Trainers.

Kept current and up-to-date

Legislation and social, environmental and political factors are continuously changing. As such- we ensure all courses are continuously maintained to reflect the latest standards.

engaging and interactive

ETN creators know how to e-teach! Our content is created with interactive and engaging eLearning tools to make light learning of even the dullest of subjects. 

workplace online learning

how does it work?

Let us take care of the updating, management of the LMS and progress reporting.

1- Purchase credits

Purchase your credits and have access to over 30 courses which you can allocate to as many users as you like.

2- select course

Select and allocate the course.

Each course sign up equals one credit.

3- completion certificate

Unique certificate issued to user upon 

course completion of content and quizzes.

workplace online learning

our current catalogue

These courses are available on demand, are updated frequently, and are fully hosted by Easy Train Now at no additional expense.

Some of our courses include:

workplace online learning

See our full catalogue below:

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