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people achieve their goals

We develop eLearning resources to help others gain the knowledge and skills they need to reach their goals.

Easy Train Now was a concept over 5 years in the making. Our purpose is to provide exceptional learning resources to promote student development.

We work with industry and experts in developing training resources that are current, relevant and simply communicate best practice. Our products can be used by RTO’s and businesses, as well as individuals to add value to their offerings and shape their learner journey.

Easy Train Now Team Photo - Cottesloe

Our story

What we embrace


Not only helping students to learn, but also continuing to learn and improve ourselves


Uncovering the best methods for training


Reducing paper waste through eLearning and positively impacting climate change


Developing genuine relationships with clients and working with industry


Exceeding expectations of training

Our positive impact on climate change

Easy Train Now is a Carbon Neutral Partner, helping to restore landscapes and reproduce natural ecosystems through their Plant-a-Tree Program.

For every subject-matter expert we consult, we plant a tree for the valuable knowledge they have shared by way of Carbon Neutral.

Currently, our trees are being planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia.

Ready to transform your training?