people achieve their goals

We develop eLearning resources to help others gain the knowledge and skills they need to reach their goals.

Easy Train Now was a concept over 5 years in the making. Our purpose is to provide exceptional learning resources to promote student development.

We work with industry and experts in developing training resources that are current, relevant and simply communicate best practice. Our products can be used by RTO’s and businesses, as well as individuals to add value to their offerings and shape their learner journey.

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Our story

What we embrace


Not only helping students to learn, but also continuing to learn and improve ourselves


Uncovering the best methods for training


Reducing paper waste through eLearning and positively impacting climate change


Developing genuine relationships with clients and working with industry


Exceeding expectations of training

Our positive impact on climate change

Easy Train Now is a Carbon Neutral Partner, helping to restore landscapes and reproduce natural ecosystems through their Plan-a-Tree Program.

For every subject-matter expert we consult, we plant a tree for the valuable knowledge they have shared by way of Carbon Neutral.

Currently, our trees are being planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia.

Meet the team

Nic headshot

Nic Thomas


Nic founded Easy Train Now to solve the problem faced by RTOs and businesses in finding the time, expertise and instructional design skills to convey their messages to their clients. He has a strong educational background and passion for learning. You’ll see Nic and endure his dad jokes in videos across project management, procurement and business. Nic’s purpose is to make learning effective and engaging, as well as help others in telling their story.

Jacinta headshot

Jacinta Mahady

Instructional Designer

Jacinta graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Education, going on to teach business, humanities and English to Perth high school students. In 2016 she moved into the RTO world, developing online business and IT courses for VET in schools before joining Easy Train. She now works in online learning development as well as training and assessment. Jacinta has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Project Management and Diploma of Business. In her spare time you can find her wrangling her two young children or her dog, Charlie.

Simon headshot

Simon Tubey

Content Creator

Simon talks with pictures at Easy Train Now. Having graduated from Murdoch University with two Bachelor of Arts in Photography and in Journalism, he uses his powers for good by creating an array of visual content in front of and behind the camera. Finding the story in everything, and being able to tell it in a way that helps others, is really what opens his eyes every morning. When he’s not creating content for us, he likes to head out into the wild for camping and hiking or relaxing at home, rolling dice and fighting dragons with his mates.

Caitlin headshot

Caitlin Gava

Content Creator

Caitlin found Easy Train Now after graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Publishing, as well as writing articles. She lives out a number of joys in her role, from researching to interviewing – even her childhood dream of acting! Though writing is her greatest passion, only rivalled by her love for her Border Collie x Aussie Shepherd. Caitlin’s goal in life is to use her talents to help people, which she gets to do every day through Easy Train.

Liam headshot

Liam Berryman

Content Creator

Liam studied a Bachelor of Media and Communications, and his role at Easy Train Now allows him to do all the things from his studies he is passionate about. From writing content to creating videos for the platform, his role allows him to do what he loves, all while fulfilling his desire to help others, always learn new things and improve himself wherever possible. Creating something of substance that people will enjoy is his goal in life, and Easy Train has made that a reality.

Taylor headshot

Tyler Campbell

Content Creator

Tyler studied a Bachelor of Business Marketing and Bachelor of Psychological Sciences. He uses what he learnt in Business studies to create course content for Easy Train Now. Tyler always looks to learn new things, such as elements of website design and maintenance, as well as how digital technologies can help assist collaboration. Luckily, working for Easy Train provides him with the opportunity to put that learning into practice. When Tyler isn’t working, he can usually be found studying his passions, art and music, or (more likely) gaming on his PC.

Ellen Hugo

Ellen Hugo

Content Creator

Ellen joined Easy Train Now after working in eLearning for a number of RTOs and is passionate about ensuring education is accessible to all. Having an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media, she enjoys creating interesting content that conveys a story in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The work she does at Easy Train allows her to flex her creative muscles and ‘make things pretty’. She has a keen interest in sustainability and seeks to find creative ways to reduce her carbon footprint. Easy Train has given her the freedom to pursue her passions on a daily basis.

Lena Snook

Lena Snook

Office Administrator & Bookkeeper

Lena studied a Bachelor of Marketing and International Relations at Curtin University before moving overseas to complete a marketing assignment in Bali. Upon returning to Perth, Lena worked in various administration and customer services roles for market research and sports brands. She brings recent experience working as a junior PA and bookkeeper. Outside of work, Lena enjoys reading novels, exercising and listening to music and podcasts.

Headshot silhouette

Taylor Burns


Taylor contributes to the high quality of the videos Easy Train produces. He has experience and expertise in pre- and post-content production for both the creative and commercial industry. Companies he has previously produced content for include Uber, Air New Zealand and our own West Coast Eagles! Passionate about storytelling, Taylor enjoys bringing our content to life through video.

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