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TAE Training Package


What do our TAE Training Package resources include?



Assessment includes; a thorough mapping document which include foundation skills and assessment conditions, case study scenarios and sample procedures to access if required, detailed marking guides and sample answers and assessor instructions.



Our PowerPoint presentations aren’t just a simple copy paste job from the learner guide. They provide a structured approach to the delivery of the unit and include trainer notes to assist with delivery.

Online and Print Learner Guide

Learner Guide

Learner guides are designed so that they’re easy to follow for both the learner and the trainer, and as well as including all of the necessary information for the Unit of Competency. Our learner guides come in both editable word format, and interactive online format which can be branded.

Easy Train Now are confident that minimal edits are required to our TAE Training Package resources. In a bid to minimise the amount of time required in contextualisation, we brand your material.

Who creates our TAE Training Package resources?

How much does it cost?


Excluding GST Per Unit

Discounts can be applied for large quantities and for first purchases.

Example of an online learner guide

We think our online learner guides are a cut above the rest. This example is from a Chapter we created based on a cluster request. Scan the QR code to view, or via the link below 🙂


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