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workplace online learning- what is an lms?

What is an LMS?

So you know you need some online learning- but you don’t know where to start?… We can help!


In a nutshell, there are two components to online learning:

the learning content 

This includes all content including learning resources and assessments. eLearning resources are often called SCORM files.

the learning management system (LMS)

This is the system the content is hosted on. The LMS is responsible for user access, allocation and reporting. Different LMSs offer different levels of reporting- depending upon it’s intended use.

The content and the LMS need to work together to effectively deliver online learning. ETN specialise in the learning content– but we offer LMS solutions ranging from being hosted on our internally managed LMS to developing your own branded system and handing over the administrative duties. 

You can choose the most appropriate solution for you!

So now that you know a bit more about it… tell us your main ‘want’ and let us take you to the right information.

i dont want to manage an lms and i want lots of courses

I want access to lots of current and relevant Australian Professional Development courses- but I am not fussed about having a branded LMS.

i would like an lms, as i need customised elearning

I need customised eLearning developed for my company- so I will need some transparency over users. I would also like the content and the material branded to my company.